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Reach more buyers

Add your produce for sale in seconds and reach a network of buyers across Australia - our online team will help promote your products.

Get a higher yield

With a simple fee of 7%, you'll get more in your pocket. No cost to list products.

Get paid sooner

With your revenue deposited 14 days after the sale  of your products, you don't need to worry about chasing invoices.

Simple, but Smart

  • List your products easily at no cost
  • Create a Farmfuture to lock in sales of future harvests
  • Experience Convenience with the Freshey Seller App
  • Designed to be user friendly so you can get started easily
  • Negotiate online directly with Buyers

Gain additional sales

  • Fulfill buyer requests of specific products and get extra sales
  • Enable negotiations on your listings and buyers can send counter offers on the price, and you can initiate the bartering process

Control your deliveries

Want to deliver your product yourself, you can.
Want to use a 3rd party? You can.
Only want to drop to a depot? You can.
You set the rules, and we'll listen

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to create a seller account on the trading platform?
To sign up, press the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. You will need to provide your company name, ABN and business address, as well as your Bank Account details to receive payment for your sales. Other standard user information will be required too, such as your email and mobile number.
Is there a fee for creating a seller account on the platform?
There is no fee to create an account, but you will be charged a 7 % commission fee for every sale you make on the platform.
How can I list my fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, or nuts for sale?
You follow the 5 Steps in the Add Listing flow, and your product will be available for buyers to purchase all over Australia. The steps involve selecting the product, adding specifications and grades, adding your available stock, and setting the price and listing expiry date.
Can I include product images and descriptions in my listings?
Yes you can. You can add multiple product images to your listing and you can add additional notes to provide more insight to potential buyers.
Are there any guidelines or restrictions for the quality and condition of the products I sell?
Not as of yet, but Buyers are able to rate your product which supports your star rating on the platform.
How can I manage my inventory and stock levels on the platform?
You can easily view the remaining stock for all of your listings and can edit this stock at any time.
What pricing options are available for setting the prices of my products?
You set the price on all of your product listings. You can also choose your way of selling too; either as a conventional listing or as a FarmFuture, which also allows you to gain sales in advance for a future harvest.
Is there a commission or transaction fee charged on each sale?
Yes, there is a simple 7 % fee on all products sold on Freshey, charged to the Seller. The listing is free so you only pay if product sells.
How and when do I receive payments for my sold products?
It may take up to 14 days after the safe and fit delivery of the goods. Your gross revenue will be deposited into your nominated bank account
Can I offer discounts or promotions for my products?
Not right now, but you set the price on each of your listings and set the minimum order quantity. Set a high minimum order quantity and only adding available stock in large volumes is a way to offer a lower price for items sold in bulk.
Is there a rating or feedback system for sellers on the platform?
Yes, a Buyer can rate a Seller out of 5 stars and provide additional feedback once they have received an order from that Seller. This information will be used to update the Seller’s star rating on the platform.
Can I track the status of my sales and orders?
Yes, you will be able to view your order as it moves through the delivery process, including the order’s scan history.
Are there any tools or resources available to help me market my products effectively?
Yes, there is a Help & Support guide in the platform to help you get the most out of it. You can learn about gaining more sales through the use of different Sales Channels and even negotiating with the Buyer on the price of a product.
How can I handle shipping and delivery for the products I sell?
Your shipping requirements will be conveyed to you on the platform, and you can also choose the delivery options your willing to partake in. Your shipping labels will be generated for you, and you just need to print them out, stick them to your packages and Scan them out through the Freshey Seller App.